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BizMapPtbo Relaunch 2021

Post Pandemic! We want to invite you to meet businesses and community leaders.

Businesses who survived the pandemic, advice and stories they share.

Community support organizations who were here for us during the pandemic and how they're hoping to help us next!

Today we re-launch Bizmapptbo! We'll be airing on Yourtv Peterborough-Lindsay starting today for 12 weeks! This first episode is RAW, I wasn't sure we should AIR it, but, here goes! It's all about why I am doing this and what's in store for this Post-Covid Season! I'm doing it to give back! I love all the support you've given me over the years and especially this past very tough year.

Thank you to everyone who's participated! We do this on a volunteer basis. Our objective is to help businesses learn from each other and to help unveil all the resources we have in our city! I believe Peterborough is the Place to Live, Play & Prosper! You'll get to meet the Businesses who survived the pandemic, hear the stories of what it took to survive the pandemic, and the advice they are offering to others! You'll hear from our amazing Support system in Peterborough, Business Development Ecosystem and what they have done and continue to do to help us grow here in Peterborough! We are stronger together!

ENJOY! Episodes 2 & 3, we have two full episodes where I interview the one and only Terry Guiel! I love our Downtown Peterborough The Boro and everything it has to offer. Every community and person has been kicked in the stomach during the pandemic. We catch up with Terry to find out what happened during the pandemic downtown and what to expect next! Thank you Terry for everything you do!

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