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Full Episode WIN THIS SPACE!

Welcome to Season Two!

Do you have what it takes to Win This Space Peterborough? Rent free for one year downtown Peterborough Ontario!?

Our first two episodes of Season TWO are all about Win This Space! Hear from our 2017's winner in episode one, Tiny Greens, and those people and organizations who helped her help WIN HER SPACE Downtown Peterborough!

Let us build you a map to winning your space downtown peterborough.

Hear from our 2017 WINNER Tina Bromley, the man who brought the competition to Peterborough Terry Guiel, our friend Dean Findlay - Chief Building Official from the Planning Department of the City of Peterborough, Ontario, & Marketing Judge and Sponsor Sofie Andreou.

Go to to apply to Win Your SPACE!

Thank you to NV Media Productions for coaching our new Bizmapptbo CREW!!! You ALL ROCK!


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