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Brooke Hammer | Founder, CEO | Chimp Treats

I am an experienced, passionate entrepreneur in the following capacities:

Current 1. Chimp Treats (healthy snacks made entirely from fruit; we make "Nicecream": a sweet and creamy frozen snack made entirely from bananas) 2. Streets of Canada (a national initiative celebrating Canada's 150th by discovering and sharing the stories of entrepreneurs, artists, and activists from coast to coast) Previous 1. Take Flight Programming (training and programming for young adults with special needs) 2. Farmers' Market Express (produce delivery service for students) I attended Trent University from 2013-2016 where I competed in varsity athletics as well as academic and entrepreneurial competitions. In addition to my current business, Chimp Treats, and Streets of Canada (of which I am a founding member and the official Creative Director), I also engage in a variety of consulting, public speaking, and collaborative activities. Innovation, creativity, design, marketing, branding, and business strategy are my areas of expertise and I am always looking to be involved with great projects.

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