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Alex Bushell, Co Founder of Lab Improvements

I'm a 28 year old from Peterborough, Ontario with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. I specialize in Technology and Laboratory Automation. In 2008, I graduated with a diploma in Automation and Robotics Technology from Sir Sandford Fleming College. I have over eight years of experience in North America and the Middle East in all aspects of the Automation field - from sales and design to manufacturing, installation and machine relocation but most recently with a focus on Laboratory Automation. I strive to be involved in my community. I sit on the Millbrook Valley Trails Steering Committee and am an active member of the Save the Dam Mill Pond, an organization that was established to protect a historical dam, mill, and pond in Millbrook, ON. Specialties: Electrical, Automation, Controls, Robotics & Motion. Customer Service, Project Management, Logistics and Transportation.

Lab Improvements is the manufacturer of CapTrack, a portable, benchtop-sized device that manages refrigerated inventory and recaps specimen tubes for medical laboratories. Traditional large-scale automation systems used by high volume laboratories are not practical for smaller facilities, such as those found in hospitals.

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