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BizMapPtbo to debut TV & Vlog series set to inspire and inform local business owners

BizMapPtbo, a new business television and vlog series that aims to connect business owners with the resources and support they need to launch and grow a business in the Greater Peterborough Area, will make its debut on CogecoTV and at the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce’s New Members' Discovery PBX at The Venue at Tuesday, January 10 at 5 p.m.

This grassroots series features interviews with local business owners who share lessons learned from launching startups or growing successful ventures; and highlights tips from local community partners and subject matter experts who discuss a wide range of topics such as starting a company, commercial property planning, best hiring and training practices, marketing strategies, networking for success, outsourcing technology, plus other key information needed to achieve smart growth here in Peterborough.

“We are proud that Peterborough now has strong entrepreneurial support; this series is not about startups, it’s about mapping your business growth. By celebrating and sharing the journeys of local business success stories and highlighting our local resources and subject matter experts, we want encourage business to stay here and grow. We hope to inspire companies of all sizes to consider Peterborough as the place to live, play and prosper,” says Sofie Andreou, creator, producer and host of BizMapPtbo. “In each episode we're creating a map that portrays many Peterborough's business connections in one place, showing how expansive our business ecosystem really is.”

The pilot episode called Inception to Launch – Secrets of Launching a Business in Peterborough features Leslie Scott of Walton Wood Farm as the business showcase; Jamey Coughlin, Peterborough Economic Development; Rosalea Terry, Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster; Sofie Andreou, Digital Marketing Expert; and Gwyneth James, Chartered Professional Accountant. Watch the full episode click here.

Starting Tuesday, January 10, the 12-episode series will air one half-hour episode each week and on CogecoTV at 5 p.m.

We would like to thank the Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, CogecoTV, Amusé Coffee Shop and our amazing CREW for their ongoing support.

Episodes 1 – 6

Episode One:

Tuesday, January 10

Secrets to Launching a Business in Peterborough

Learn essential tips and the local services available to help you launch your business.

Episode Two:

Tuesday, January 17

Marketing Stories for Success

Learn tips on how to use the power of marketing for your product or service.

Episode Three:

Tuesday, January 24

Training and Hiring in Peterborough

Discover how to attract the best employees for your business and invest in training them.

Episode Four"

Tuesday, January 31

Lease, Buy or Build your Commercial Space

Discover the pros and cons of leasing, purchasing or building your business space.

Episode Five:

Tuesday, February 7

Peterborough: Your Networking Mecca

Discover where and how to network locally to strengthen your business.

Episode Six:

Tuesday, February 14

Time to Outsource your Technology?

Learn the reasons, risks and rewards when you outsource your technology.


For more information contact:

Sofie Andreou, BizMap Ptbo or 705-931-0727

Follow @BizMapPtbo on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

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