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Hiring or Training Staff? Call MICHAEL!

Michael Walker - Employer Liaison at Agilec

I have worked in the employment services field since 2008, have been with Agilec (formerly Northern Lights) since 2012. Although I have worked as an employment counsellor and a facilitator, Most of my experience and specialization is working with employers, helping them find qualified candidates, assisting them with Human Resource solutions as well as accessing grants and subsidies.

Services Offered by Agilec:

Government Funded services for businesses such as the Canada-Ontario Job Grant that assists employers with the cost of provided external training to employees. Recruitment and Placement for employers with access to training subsidies.

Professional Services that can be customized for businesses, such as Corporate Training, Human Resources, Finance/Accounting, Administrative services and Room Rentals.

The advantage of working with Agilec is that we can customize all our programming for businesses and address their specific needs. This is particularly advantageous at the local level where businesses are often unique and constantly need to adapt to the market.

In addition to the services we offer for employers, Agilec has a wide range of Government funded and Fee-For-service Job search and training assistance for individuals looking for work or transitioning in career transition.

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