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Episode 1: From Idea to Launch

Presenting Episode 1 Vlog:

Welcome to BizMapPtbo's first of twelve business vlog episodes.

We are connecting companies with the resources and support they need to launch and grow a business in the Greater Peterborough Area.​

#Ptbo, the place to Live, Play & Prosper. ENJOY! #TeamPtbo

Meet an outstanding business who went from a passionate idea to launching a successful company right here in Peterborough!

Showcase Company:

Walton Wood Farm - Leslie Bradford-Scott

Episode 1 Guests:

Subject Matter Expert

Gwyneth James, CPA - Financial

Sofie Andreou, M.Eng - Digital Marketing

Community Resources

Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster - Rosalea Terry

Peterborough Economic Development - Jamie P Coughlin

Your Host: Sofie Andreou

#EpisodeOne #WaltonWoodFarm

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