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Profile: Walton Wood Farm

"In June 2014, Leslie and Peter Scott began making bath salts in their Kitchen Aid mixer as a means to make money to save their historic 1850s barns. Two years and 50 products later, Walton Wood Farm exports to all 50 US states, the Cayman Islands, and every Canadian province and territory. Walton Wood Farm recently filmed for season 11 of Dragons' Den."

Peter and Leslie Scott run a farm forward operation, supplementing cash crops by creating products that fit outside the traditional agricultural envelope. A large portion of the proceeds from product sales goes to restore their Circa 1850 barns. “Once we save ours, we are going to help save other barns across North America. They are rapidly disappearing and changing our landscape forever,” says Peter. “Farms don’t even look like farms anymore, with all the plastic hoop buildings popping up and replacing those hand-hewn architectural Icons.”Walton Wood products are 100% North American made, with the majority of parts coming from the USA, and the labor Canadian. “I was born in Canada, but raised in both Canada and the USA. It’s a dream to support both of the countries that have provided a wonderful life for me and my family,” says Leslie, who is also a Veteran of the United States Coast Guard.With Peter’s 40 years’ farming and business experience, and Leslie’s award-winning writing skills, Walton Wood Farm is ever expanding their portfolio of fun and funky gift products. They specialize in eye-catching packaging, and entertaining copywriting that address real life issues and events with a fresh and unexpected approach. They are committed to making products with high quality, sustainable ingredients and helping to protect both our history and environment for future generations.

HER Leslie Bradford-Scott

  • Really bad divorce = Break-up Bath Revenge

  • Single parent x 2 daughters = B*tch Emergency

  • Parenting teens very hard – Dear Mom Recovery Bath

  • Job at car dealership = Week from Hell (but really 10 years from Hell)

  • Many Amateur screenwriting awards – Congrats! Party in the Bath Tub

  • Makes no money with awards – Fix Almost Anything Bath

  • Hates idiot boss, leaves job – Break-up Bath Revenge

  • Hires bush pilot to drop off in Wilderness – The Adventurer – power shower

  • Hits it off with awesome bush pilot – Bride Emergency

  • Becomes bush pilot – The Adventurer – solid cologne

  • Buys small farm, need to make pay – Walton Wood Farm

  • 14 years of writing effort = success writing labels- Birthday Girl – everyday is her Birthday now.

HIM Peter Scott

  • U.K. Farmer/pilot retires moves to Canadian wilderness – The Adventurer – solid cologne

  • Buys fishing lodge (even though he can’t fish) – The Angler – solid cologne

  • Lodge biz sucks, feels a bit lonely, too – Fix Almost Anything Bath

  • 10 feet of snow? Indeed! – Winter’s a B*tch

  • Drops strange girl off in wilderness with float plane – Sexy Hot Chocolate Bath

  • Marries strange girl (yes, she’s still strange ) – The Huntsman – solid cologne

  • Teaches her to fly – The Adventurer – & The Gentleman – solid cologne (it was really scary but he was patient.)

  • Sells annoying lodge biz- Break-up Bath Revenge

  • Buys small farm, need to make pay – Walton Wood Farm (was name of farm in U.K.)

  • Believes in everything wife tries – The Sportsman – solid cologne

  • Lives Happily Ever – Congrats! party in the Bath Tub

The moral of the story; A bath can fix most of life’s tricky moments and Men Don’t Stink – there are still lots of good ones out there

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